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Workforce Management System

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One Login . One System . One Solution

It is very important for an organization to have a comprehensive and a reliable system to manage their work force, as it helps the organization to save money and time due to high accuracy. Omobio Work Force Management is the perfect solution to meet all your requirements in managing a work force which covers all the major functions of your administration from payroll to Human Resource Management. Workforce Management System combines number of processes into a single system, which enable organization to manage employees and their data very efficiently.

  • Asset Management
  • Real time & accurate reporting
  • Onshore fully managed payroll processing
  • Intuitive, Drag & drop, Mobile scheduling enabled
  • Automatic data population through a fully integrated system
  • Accurate, Audited & reliable award compliance, Constantly up-to- date
  • One Work Force Management system, one login and single source of truth

Organizational Management

Employee Management

Roster Management

Leave Management

Holidays Management

Time Sheets Management


Payroll Management

User Management

Audit Logs

Advanced Rule Engine and Notification Platform

Battery Levels Management of Integrated Devices

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