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Loyalty Management System

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Do you know 80% of your revenue always generated by 20% of your loyal customers

The “Loyalty Management System” (LMS) provides comprehensive end to end loyalty management programs to the end customer. With advanced demographical / behavioral parameters analysis and advanced rule creation, LMS Identifies and categorizes the loyal customer effectively. This AL/ML based Solution comes with real-time rewarding and redemption of loyalty points and extensive partner and offer management modules.

Uplift Customer Loyalty & Retention

Track Performance of Your Marketing Strategy Real-time

Identify Your Top Customers

Extremely User-friendly Customer Interaction

Detailed Hawkeye View Dashboards

Manage Comprehensive Partners Profiles

Fully Customizable Campaign Management

Manage Comprehensive Subscriber Profiles

Manage user roles & Privileges at different levels

Extremely User-friendly Redemption of Loyalty Points

Customer care interface for real-time customer support

Comprehensive Detailed & Summary Reports

Reach Subscribers Through Multiple Convenient Channels

External API integrations for real-time rewarding and redemption

Advanced real-time rewarding of Loyalty Points and Digital Rewards

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