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Fraud Call Filtering Solution

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Omobio’s robust and industry proven Fraud Call Filtering Solution, experts in mitigating the loss of revenue from illegal call termination. The system is designed with multi-model and multi-level screening capabilities which helps to filter any fraudulent calls from transmitting to your network. The ability to conduct real time blocking and statistically evaluate the CDRs, would enable MNOs to eliminate the illegal termination. The system is enhanced with comprehensive inbuilt filtering mechanism that is specifically optimized for telecom fraudulent call management.

Signal Monitoring

  • Call Monitoring through SS7 or Sigtran

Fraud Detection

  • Using SS7 / Sigtran Signaling
  • Using IN Based Signaling
  • Using CDR/TDR of Existing Nodes

Rule Engine

  • Manual Rules Con figuration
  • Automated Rules Configuration

Active Rules

  • Automatically generated call based rules
  • GSM location tracking
  • Check user by SMS delivery

Rule Executer

  • CDR based analysis
  • Generated action based analysis

Number List Management

  • White list management
  • Black list management
  • Red list management

Automated Active Fraud Management

  • Auto response to blocked numbers
  • Auto call generation module
  • Auto unblocking

Active Blocking

  • SS7 / Sigtran based blocking
  • HLR API based blocking
  • IN / CCBS based blocking

  • Increase the quality of service
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Detection & Blocking of fraud within the network
  • Identify revenue leakage through comprehensive statistical tool
  • Enhance Revenue by mitigating Illegal Terminations in to the network
  • Identify user behaviors through Statistical Reports that can be used for marketing campaigns
  • CDR Analyzer
  • Alarm Monitor Tool
  • Web Based Admin GUI
  • Comprehensive Dashboards
  • System Statistics and Reports
  • Advanced Filtering Rules Creation
  • Cascading Filter Rules – Apply multiple number filtering rules at different stages
  • Address Modification – Available to modify calling/called party number after a certain rule match
  • Advanced Number Lists – Enables rules matching, based on number Prefix, NAI & Min/Max Lengths
  • Rule Analyzer – Simulate an ISUP IAM filtering by entering OPC, DPC, CIC, Calling & Called number details

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