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Missed Call Alert Solution

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Missed Call Alert is a solution that captures missed call information of subscribers and when they become available, the platform sends the details of the Missed Calls through a SMS notification. This is a simple solution in the users front yet accompanies with many advanced features to the operator. This has become an essential service to any Mobile Network Operator around the world.

Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

Supports Mobile Number Portability

Notify Me (Availability Alert)

Calling Party is alerted when the receiving party is back online.

Postpaid & Prepaid Charging

Charging can be done a subscription model and as On-demand MCA alerts for both Postpaid and Prepaid Subscribers.

Automatic Reply

Subscriber can setup their own personalized Missed Call Alert message which can be sent to the caller automatically.

Prefix based Blacklist & Whitelist

Subscribers can maintain their own blacklisted & whitelisted calling numbers. The admin can maintain system level calling / called party blacklist & whitelist numbers.

Number Change Announcer

This service enables a user to inform any caller about their change of number and also to inform the New Number.

Call Divert

Subscriber can request to divert calls to a predefined number when the subscriber is not available while receiving the Missed Call Alert too

Call Screening

This service enables subscriber to filter unnecessary calls during Out Roaming by maintaining a white list of numbers. Subscriber manage the list through a web GUI.

Appending Text Advertisements

Operator can append a promotional message to the free space of the SMS Notification. Advertising Module enables to schedule MCA notifications-based campaigns with a defined validity period.

SMSC Module

This feature acts as a standard SMSC which connects to the Operator through SIGTRAN (M3UA) or E1/SS& Narrow Band Signaling Link. This effectively reduces operator SMSC overloading with MCA Traffic.

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