What We Expertise For?

As a recognized leader in the market, we maintain a customer focused organization that provides a one stop total solution based on our ``ideas`` to enrich the telecommunication domain in the globe.

Our Value Proposition

Innovative services to subscribers; Quality solutions with 99.999% uptime; Exclusive offers; Increased Customer loyalty; Increase subscriber base of operators; Maximize bottom-line that benchmark operators; Provide new dimensions of technology integration into existing infrastructures.

Our Thinking

Our solutions are based on SS7/Sigtran solutions, Voice/Video based solutions, OSS/BSS solutions, Mobile applications, Mobile Gaming Solutions, Customer care applications and many other applications and solutions to match the clients ideas and expectations.

How we Fit in?

With our dynamic team keeping up with the exponential growth of the market share locally and internationally, we are the first choice of the local telecom operators for innovative solutions. With over 100 years of industry experience, we are recognized in the industry as a total talent rich solution provider.

We focus on developing and maintainingApplications and Platforms inSignaling Number 7 (SS7), Sigtran, Voice Over IP (VoIP), Messaging, Audio and Video.

Got a new idea? Upgrade? or do you need a tailor made solution to fill the gaps of your existing product? Lets make your own another top notch product!