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“adReach” is a Multi-Channeled Digital Advertising platform built on Next Generation Technology which enables mobile operators and third-party advertisers to run end-to-end digital advertising campaigns across a vast variety of channels. This portal is a self-served web-based solution which allows mobile operators and third-party advertisers to fulfill their entire digital advertising needs from one single platform with real-time ROI monitoring. The platform enables AI & ML based advanced customer targeting for 100% result-oriented campaigns.

Reach the Right Target Audience

Helps to do precise targeting through operator’s customer base with comprehensive filtrations and also able to use own customer bases. It ensures that the customer receives the right message at the right time.

A wide Spectrum of Advertising Channels

Helps to run end-to-end digital advertising campaigns across multiple digital advertising channels. It’s a One Stop Shop for all Digital Adverting.

Control Over Advertisers

Helps to gain more control over advertisers on every campaign that execute through the platform. The platform supports multi-level approval workflows at both advertiser and operator levels.

Realtime Visibility of Campaigns

Helps to have clear visibility on every detail of the campaigns that are pushed out. The platform comprises of comprehensive Hawkeye View Dashboard to monitor each campaign status and its performance. It allows to pause, stop or boost a campaign based on the ongoing performance.

Data Driven Decision Making

Availability of comprehensive information are critical for precise decision making specially for the marketing team. With comprehensive analytics and reports available in the platform creates that convenience and confidence in making accurate decisions.


  • Real time location-based targeting
  • Advanced targeting based on multiple criteria: Demography, Location based, Behavioral, Psychographic Targeting etc.
  • AI Based Customer Targeting Recommendations


  • Multiple Campaign Types

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  • Comprehensive Hawkeye View Dashboards

  • Advanced Policy Management

  • Rate Card Management

  • Multi-level Campaign Approval

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