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Smart Office Suite

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An Innovative Software Solution for an Automated Smart Office Environments

It’s very important to manage various functions of the organization using smart solutions as it increases the overall effectiveness due to automation, self-management and digitalization. Smart Office Suite automates various key functions of the organization bringing more control, efficiency, productivity and visibility.

Visitor Management Solutions

Smart Visitor Management Solution helps track visitors, allows selective access to buildings and improves the overall visitor experience.

  • Reporting module
  • Automate swing gates, barrier gates
  • Integrated with the door access system
  • Assign/Return passes to visitors/ vehicles
  • Register/Manage different types of visitor passes
  • Create/Manage scheduled visits and unscheduled visits

Smart Car Parking System

Through state-of-the-art technology, we develop, realize and upgrade parking solutions for a single car through to over a thousand. Our diverse product variants can be adapted to individual requirements and also can be integrated seamlessly with new or existing buildings.

  • Reporting Module
  • Smart Self-Payment Kiosks
  • Automated Vehicle IN/OUT Gates
  • Real time Vehicle Location Tracking
  • Automatically Indicates Available Vehicle Slots

Smart Locker System

Smart Locker, provides the most efficient and cost-effective locker storage system where the layout will be designed specifically for particular environment and space based on our joint assessment of customer needs.

  • Keyless Lockers
  • Reporting Module
  • Remote Locker Accessibility
  • Hassel Free Locker Management
  • Can Integrate with Existing Lockers
  • User-Friendly System with Touch Interaction

Hot-Desking System

Hot Desking System comes with a user-friendly touch screen panel that enables employees to book workstations at their preference conveniently.

  • Reporting Module
  • Easy and Faster Booking Process
  • Maximum Utilization Working Stations
  • Smart and Clean Working Environment

Smart Cafeteria System

Its more than an ordinary Restaurant Management System. It consists of NFC, Touch Screen Hardware, e-receipts, paperless and user-friendly cafeteria POS system. This solution can integrate with payroll system to calculate salary deduct orders at month end for employees.

  • Reporting Module
  • Cashless Cafeteria
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Easy and faster order placements
  • Food sponsoring and claiming facility
  • Track / view employee history of food usage
  • Manage daily menus and prices through admin web module

Smart Attendance Tracking

This automated system used to keep track of check-in/check-out time and office location information of employees on real-time. With active RFID technology, it helps managers to locate employees and keep track of working hours.

  • Reporting Module
  • Highly Customizable
  • Integrate with Existing Systems
  • Automated Attendance Capturing
  • Track Real-Time or Past Movements
  • Visualize Real-Time Employee and Visitor Count

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