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Omobio USSD Solution enables Mobile Operators to provide a World Class user experience to their subscriber base. The solution brings faster messaging to your customers by creating a single, real-time session between the handset and the USSD Solution. Furthermore, the solution has an inbuilt Advanced Service Creation Environment which accelerates the creation and delivery of USSD services.

  • Supports the latest USSD Stage 3
  • Number blacklisting and whitelisting facility
  • Supports both Mobile Initiated and Network Initiated sessions
  • Supports Data Coding scheme to send different character messages
    • 182 GSM Default Analphabet | 80 UCS2 Characters
  • Modularized and distributed system architecture & easy capacity expansions
  • External Application integration over VXML standard, HTTP/HTTPS, MySQL, SOAP and SMPP
  • High performance in a small footprint of Hardware
  • Access restrictions by number lists, HLR/MSC Global Titles
  • System Redundancy on Active-Active or Active- Standby support
  • Session resume/recovery support for accidental session terminations
  • Supports both SIGTRAN M3UA and SS7 E1 for signaling integration with STP or HLR
  • Hot-code upgradeability to apply bug fixes and feature upgrade without stopping the system

This Solution allows its users to Drag & Drop components to the service floor of their choice and deploy the service in the service creation environment. Users of SCE do not require a deep technical knowledge. Therefore, thus seeds up the time to market while staying ahead of the competition.

Key Benefits

  • Effortless deployment with modifications
  • Customized USSD menu to suit your business needs
  • Can integrate with any business system using a web service
  • Clear visibility of existing service in a more convenient graphical interface
  • Extremely advance and user-friendly graphical user interface with drag and drop feature for quick service creation

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Supports XML and VXML
  • Reusable configurations and components
  • External integrations via HTTPS | SOAP | SMPP
  • Graphical user interface with predefined components
  • Compressive set of tools to conduct simple or complex database operations

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