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SMS Firewall & Monetization

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Omobio SMS Firewall enable operators to proactively monitor and filter fraudulent messages from coming in to their network. Furthermore, the solution helps to improve messaging monetization by identifying and blocking grey routes, reducing spam or malicious content and reducing fraudulent traffic. Omobio’s SMS Firewall Solution can help Mobile Operators to manage their messaging ecosystem and provide Cost Efficiency, Optimized Network Infrastructure whilst assuring Revenue.

Improve positive customer experience with minimum unsolicited messages and less abuse

Reduce unnecessary network loads resulting lower Capex and Opex expenditure

Generate additional revenue by discerning billable SMS traffic from fraudulent traffic and manage grey routes.

Eliminate the need to develop, integrate and manage expensive proprietary firewalls.

SMS Spamming

SMS Flooding

SMS Faking

SMS Spoofing

SMS Phishing

SMS Viruses

Number Lists

SMS Charging

Quarantine & Release

Number Filtering

Translation Type Based Treatments

Content Logging & Word Filtering

Binary & Picture Message Filtering

ID (PID) & Data Coding Scheme Blocking

Legal Interception

Global Title Blocking

Block Messages Based On Map Operation Code

  • Message Type Based Categorization
  • Customer Profile Based Categorization
  • Control SMS Quota Based on Categorization
  • Manage Customer Category via Admin Interface
  • Retrieve Customer Category from 3rd Party Systems via API or File Upload
  • Intelligent Categorization Based on Content, Source Address and Operator
  • Define Global Rules for the Combination of SMS Category & Customer Category

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