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Mobile operators around the globe are stressing on keeping track of their sales and stocks. Sales networks consist of various agent types and complex sales hierarchies. Thus, having a clear control of salesforce is crucial for a successful sales operation.

Omobio “Mobile Sales Force Automation System” effectively digitizes the end to end sales processes bring high efficiency and convenience. With its simplicity and customizable design, it has effectively enabled sales representatives to move from a tedious paper-based process to a productive on-line system.

Omobio Sales Force Automation System is an award-winning automation solution which caters to 600,000+ users that serves over 65 Million subscribers globally. This state-of-the-art software solution has been recognized at the National Best Quality Awards 2019 and won the Merit Award for its outstanding features and usability.

Streamline the Entire Sales Force

Automating, tracking, managing entire sales & distribution chain

Clear Visibility of Stocks

Ability to have a clear track of the products passing through the user levels in the sales network

Zero Paper Use

Fully digitized solution to eliminate 100% paper use

A clear Hawkeye View of the entire Sales Force and Stocks

Advanced Hierarchy Management across all levels

Effectively minimize fraudulent activities

Empowering field sale personnel with Advance Mobility Features

Effective performance management with real time view of KPI’s & Gamification

AI & ML based stress-free Commission Calculation

Sales Operations Module

  • Reports
  • Manage KPIs
  • Manage Loyalty Program
  • Agent target management
  • Manage & plan route maps
  • Design promotional campaigns
  • Knowledge base / Training / FAQ
  • Team visibility
  • Manage rewards
  • Create news room
  • Create market surveys
  • Commission management
  • Manage team performance
  • Inventory & Product Management


Sales Module

For Sales Representative

  • Stock Sale
  • Interactive chat
  • View training videos
  • Color coded route map
  • Capture retailers via NFC
  • View retailer specific offers
  • View targets & commissions
  • Capture exact GPS location of retailer
  • Market Surveys & Capture market insights

For Retailers

  • Market surveys
  • View training videos
  • Voucher redemptions
  • View transaction history
  • Document resubmissions
  • View retailer specific offers
  • View targets & commissions
  • Perform a new sale – Prepaid/Postpaid
  • Reload, Digital Reload Cards & Voucher Sales



Customer Service Fulfillment Module

  • SIM changes
  • Make payments
  • Loyalty management
  • Search & provision CRBT
  • SIM card connections provisioning
  • Service request & lodge complaints
  • Accessary Sales
  • VAS management
  • Warranty Replacement
  • View completed job history
  • Check coverage via an inbuilt map
  • Work order management with ubarization


Stock Management Module

  • Accept stocks
  • Transfer stocks
  • Update new stocks
  • Request new Stocks
  • Return available stocks
  • View Inventory Availability

General Features

  • PIN change
  • Offline Mode
  • Language selection
  • FAQs & Notifications
  • My Account & Dashboard
  • Sales expenditures & reconciliations

External System Integrations

  • ERP Systems
  • Mobile Money Platform
  • Reload / Recharge System
  • Logistic Management System
  • Supplier Management System
  • Procurement Management System
  • Logs Archiving
  • Business Analytics (BI)
  • Network Monitoring System
  • Partner Management System
  • Finance Management System
  • Inventory Management System

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