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SMSC Platform

Omobio SMSC enables operators to handle their SMS traffic effectively and maximize the revenue while increasing subscriber loyalty. It is fully scalable, software-based, cloud ready solution which enable simple and cost-effective deployment. With the modular architecture provided in Omobio SMSC, additional services such as mobile advertising, SMS filtering (firewall) can be implemented seamlessly and easily.


The Omobio SMSC platform provides a range of features from standard to advanced features. The standard SMSC comes with below mentioned feature support.
P2P (person-to-person) SMS
SMS exchange between two mobile subscribers with the support of Mobile originated (MO) and Mobile terminated (MT) processes. 


Destination + Error code based retry schemes
The system gives a flexible retry mechanism by which administrator can configure retry schemes based on destination + error code. With this feature, SMSC may retry failed messages differently for local subscribers, other local operators and foreign operators.
Long Messages
System supports SMS longer than 160 characters, binary, Unicode SMS. When SMS are submitting from SMPP/HTTP, larger SMS segregation is supported.
Application initiated SMS such as such as banking updates, flight alerts, mobile ads, news.
Advanced Number Analyzer
Efficient number analyzer module supports to identify the destination based on the routing rules configured by administrator.
SMPP Interface
Supports SMPP versions 3.3, 3.4 and 5.0
P2A (application-to-person)
Inbound SMS to an application can be routed to the relevant destination using advanced routing configuration available in the platform. Examples of P2A messaging include media voting & competitions, opt-in & subscriptions and text-to-win campaigns.
Number based filtering
The administrator can configure prefixes and patterns-based number filtering. A number being in whitelist and at the same time not being in blacklist is the default.
Supports Advance SMS Features
SMS Copy, SMS Divert, SMS Blocking, SMS Distribution List, Parental Control, SMS auto reply, Sponsored SMS and many more.
In the case that the recipient is not available, the short message is stored and can be sent later according to the configured retry schemes.
Charge for SMS on MO/MT interfaces, MSISDN analysis-based charging, MO-SMS Network based charging, etc. Supported charging interfaces,

Diameter   |   Camel ver 3,4   |   SMPP+   |   HTTP API

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