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Dialog Self-Care awarded the Global Mobile Award at Mobile World Congress



Dialog Self-Care Powered by Omobio (Pvt) Ltd. was awarded the Global Mobile Award for the ‘Best Mobile Network Solution for Serving Customers’ at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 2016.


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The premier and largest telecommunication service provider in Sri Lanka, Dialog Axiata PLC, won the Global Mobile Award for the Best Mobile Network Solution for Serving Customers at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain for its innovative Self-care User Experience Platform. This achievement enables and creates to be distinguished and recognized as the Best Mobile Network Solution for Serving Customers at the Global Mobile Awards brings great pride and honor to Sri Lanka and its application development community.

This prestigious event is held every year at the Mobile World Congress – the world’s largest gathering of mobile and related industries. It is at this event that latest cutting edge technologies are showcased. The Global Mobile Awards is a very competitive event and it reflects on the evolution of digital communications.

The Self-Care Application suite of Omobio has full support for quad-play telecom operator business and is made available on various platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Facebook & web serving many million subscriber downloads. The Self Care Application Framework of Omobio reduces the underlying complexity of quad-play services & digital services at mobile operator network to provide seamless and convenient end user experience to manage services by customer himself.

Judge’s Comments-“At Global Mobile Awards 

“A window on the future of what customer care should be, avoiding exposing customers to system complexity and providing an efficient way for customers to self-manage their relationship with the operator.”

The team at Omobio Pvt. Ltd working from its headquarters in Sri Lanka is proud to have been able to live up to the companies’ values and ethics which is to provide the best world class solutions to its customers.  Through hard work and innovative ideas and solutions Omobio has built strong partnerships with many international businesses and also strengthen and expand its customer base. Middle East, Africa, South Asia are a few of the regions where mobile operators have joined hands with Omobio Pvt. Ltd. to provide world class services to their subscribers.

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