Telecom Enhanced Application Manager

Messaging Solutions – Maximize the profitability of messaging traffic, augment associated revenue and reduce costs to deliver messages.

High Level Architecture
High Level Architecture

A highly scalable telecom service application platform, built to open standards and runs on any operator or any service aggregator infrastructure with supporting SMPP, HTTP, CIMD, VXML, Json & XML based technologies.

Key Features

Complete SMS/MMS/WAP/USSD based service deployment.
WebTop based GUI – supports all the major Web Browsers.
Module based application services.
Multilanguage support – GSM Default Char set, Unicode.
Comprehensive statistics/reports/logs.
Support both prepaid and postpaid Enterprise Accounts with Billing support.
Credit based system usage.
Inbound message routing by short code and keywords analysis.
Message routing to Enterprise Accounts, Campaign or external applications.
External applications can be integrated with the system over HTTP/JSon API.
Controlled Enterprise Account management.
Enterprise Account can add sub-Enterprise Accounts with various rights.
Service access black-list/white-list.
Support for N+1, N+N redundancy with virtual IP environment.
Run on high available Linux environment with minimum Hardware requirements.

Key Benefits for Operators/Aggregators

Provide hassle free telecom accesses to enterprises.
Enable service/platform consolidation and reduce Op-ex.
Implement security at a central point.

Key Benefits for Enterprises

Get faster telecom access to deploy their services.
Avoid complex, time consuming and expensive telecom protocol level development.
Get a complete solution with telecom grade stability, security, cdrs, statistics, reports, alarms.