MMS Supports

Omobio MMS Platform supports all popular types of rich content such as,

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Image
  • Graphic
  • Ringtone
  • Wallpaper
  • Photo
  • News Alert
  • Personal Management (Eg.Cards, Calendar etc).




MMS is one of the underutilized services in every operator’s network. However MMS is an outstanding service where almost all new handsets supports MMS service which allows operators to deliver rich content to the customers than traditional SMS or IVR does.


Due to the lack of Service Creation tools, Mobile Operators and/or Service Aggregators have not been able to successfully monetize MMS service.


To overcome this barrier, MMS News Solution is launched with rich MMS service creation environment, content provider management capability andservice/user management tools.


Omobio has been at the forefront in bringing innovative products to mobile operators to empower their subscribers’ lives through innovation. Continuing with the innovative tradition, with particular focus on value driven services, Omobio brings you yet another unique service “MMS News Solution”.


With the availability of MMS news service,Operators subscribers can now watch video news clips, images and listen to voice clips (audio) on their mobile phone. With the support of multiple content provider management, subscribers can subscribe for their favourite news source to get news updates. Subscribers are provided with different provisioning options through MMS, SMS, and Web or through Customer care assistance to activate, deactivate or manage the services based on their interest.

Key Features

  • Subscription – On Demand – Push MMS Services
  • Built-in applications and development tools to create creative MMS content
  • Total MMS Service Delivery Platform which allows easy MMS creation, content uploading, and content approving, charging and CDR, etc.

Ideal Services

  • Horoscope/Astrology
  • MMS Gifts
  • MMS Greetings
  • Gift Coupons
  • Celebrity Greetings
  • Beauty Tips
  • Health Tips
  • Parental Tips
  • Thought of the day
  • Daily Jokes
  • Breaking News
  • NEWS Local
  • NEWS International
  • NEWS Sports
  • Quizzes and Competitions
  • Advertising/Promotions
  • Self-help service

Features of MMS News Platform

  • Multiple Content uploading Mediums – RSS/XML feeds, WEB, SMS, MMS
  • Subscriber alerting mechanisms – MMS, WAP
  • Charging
  • Provisioning
  • Advertisement Append
  • Integrate with external advertisement platform
  • Advertisement append according to specified category. (eg. Sport advertisements for Sport news)
  • Support Location based Contents (integrating with LBS) – Send news update based on the subscriber’s location.
  • Throughput Control
  • Mobile Adaptation Support
  • Subscriber Portal
  • Content Provider Portal
  • Admin Portal
    • CP account management
    • CP life cycle management
    • Content management, Authorization & Auditing
    • Channel management
    • Service management
    • Batch Sending/ campaign management
    • Scheduling
    • Validity periods
    • Data Tracking
    • Comprehensive Statistics reports
    • Audit Log
    • Customer Care Portal
      • MMS News service provides a compact customer care (CC) interface which let CC assistance to service the customer fast.
        • Service Provisioning
        • Service Management
        • Handling Customer Queries relevant for MMS News service