Ad Portal

Powerful advertising through multiple channels

What is Ad-Portal?


Ad Portal platform provides completely user friendly and a powerful web based solutions for mobile operators to enable advertising through many channels.
The web based Digital Advertising Portal facilitates mobile operators to run end-to-end mobile advertising campaigns across multiple channels such as SMS, MMS, USSD, IVR and RBT.

The Ad portal also allows mobile operators to provide independent users direct access to selected functionality (as a self-service solution), to manage their own campaigns with direct Internet payment gateway support which allows third-party advertisers to run their advertisement campaigns through SMS, MMS, USSD, IVR and RBTchannels .


The Ad portal comes with rich features

  • Responsive design.
  • On-mouse over tips and Help section.
  • Wizard based campaign setup process

The Ad portal Comes With Rich Features

Design advertisement campaign
  • Compose SMS, Long SMS, Flash SMS, Dialogue SMS (responses)
  • Compose SMS Insertion (ability to select from available channels)
  • Compose MMS – Text, Image, Video, Audio
  • Compose USSD – Simple USSD, Menu based USSD
  • Compose IVR, RBT – Upload Audio
  • Message Preview function
  • Test Blast capabilities
  • SMS Voucher Campaigns
  • Pre-paid or Post-paid campaigns
  • Approval before campaign transmission
Select Target Audience
  • Search and customize end audience.
  • Scheduled Campaigns
  • Prioritize Campaigns
Pay Online
  • Payment via Internet payment gateway
Comprehensive Campaign Reporting on ROI

Operator & advertisers can retrieve comprehensive campaigns reports using the powerful reporting module.

  • Campaign duration, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Custom Period report scheduling
  • Reach
  • Impressions
  • Response based segments
  • Conversions / Fulfilment
  • Conversion ratio
  • Cost per conversion
  • Custom report creation with desired parameters
  • Email report function
Advanced Administrative Features
  • Create / Edit / Delete Rate Card.
    • System Default rate card
    • System profile specific rate card
    • Custom Discounts
    • System Discounts
  • Define user lists – group users into a list based on segmentation data
  • System wide advertising policy (defining daily message limits)
  • Create / Activate / Deactivate user accounts
  • Create / Edit / Delete system profiles
  • Create / Modify user mappings to system profiles
  • Activate / Deactivate user accounts
  • Add new mediums
  • Add new channels
  • System logs on all system activities and financial logs on all transactions and many more ….

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